Welcome speech for school annual day

To mark the th anniversary, the school has taken another big step forward. In addition, the four-year undergraduate degree programmes will be better able to provide students with balanced and all round development.

I must tell you we have very talented students, here are their achievements. I would also like to welcome all the parents who have continuously supported us in our endeavour to spread the light of true knowledge. Very often you even move ahead of the others and take the lead in trying new and innovative ideas.

Understand the overall function and speak from the heart. Share your thoughts by commenting below. The efforts of the school have already borne fruit and are duly recognized. I can envisage that St Paul. Collect correct information about the chief guest and take their permission before introducing them to the audience.

Your presence made this day for us. We have gathered here on this Annual Day to motivate and inspire young minds to showcase their talent which has given them this recognition.

Welcome Speech for Chief Guest

The formation of through-train enables greater continuity and coherence in the learning process in primary and secondary education. You can use this script even if it is a purely annual cultural day program.

XYZ Kapoor, who is known all over the country as an educationist, social worker as well as a philanthropist.

The new academic system will also provide multiple pathways to higher academic or vocational qualifications so that every student can experience success. Try to give more time for sharing the achievement than performances.

Dream deep, for every dream, leads the goal. As we have gathered here today, I take this opportunity to wish every student and our teachers a very Happy Independence Day!

I would like to take pride in saying that the talent they have displayed here today is the proof that they have the potential to become worthy citizens of our society and help themselves and others in various ways. I feel it is needless to say something about the importance and value of today for all of us.

Please maintain disciple in the canteen. He is indeed a multifaceted personality and society needs several such people. And I feel very proud to be part of such amazing institution. We are very fortunate to have you with us this evening as President of this cultural extra fes. Here you will find a sample of a welcome speech for school annual day that would give you an idea to prepare for the same.

Indeed we are charmed to have him with us this wonderful evening. The idea of putting the foundation of an educational institution is so inspiring: It is honour to be surrounded by so many special people and to be blessed in the fellowship of this gracious occasion.

Your endless care, guidance and support prove that you are a great leader.

Welcome Speech for Chief Guest

He is none other than Mr. She wanted to keep it as a surprise. You can copy or download the script, improve it, add your own style, make a PDF of it if you like.

It was a tough call for our juries to decide the winners. However, just now when I was walking around the campus with Sister Margaret, I found that the school is still spirited and energetic as a young person, full of bright and innovative ideas, willing to embrace challenges and courageous in undertaking reforms in pursuit of excellence.

I would also give a great deal of credit to all of the students who worked hard and could hit their targets. Kapoor is a well known name in the matters related to Women Empowerment.

You showed us the world and laid the path. Sports are an integral as well as necessary part of our lives.How to Have The Best a Welcome Speech for School Annual Day – Template by Kidzrio Team · Published February 8, · Updated February 7, Welcoming is part and parcel of any gathering that gives proper way of beginning of an event.

Speech by Professor Arthur K C Li Secretary for Education and Manpower. St Paul ’s Convent School Annual Speech Day on 25 November Rev. Mother Jacqueline Ho, Sr.

Margaret Wong, distinguished guests, parents, teachers and students. Welcome Speech for Chief Guest by Principal at the Annual Sports Day. Good afternoon everyone, On the behalf of St.

JKL Academy, I extend a very warm welcome to all of you present here on the 14 th annual sports meet of our school. Sports are an integral as well as necessary part of our lives. May 18,  · ANNUAL DAY - Welcome Speech - Joyal A Johny (OFFICIAL) range of people and welcome each and everyone to the Annual day celebrations.

IAS Full Speech At Akshara School 4th Annual Day. Welcome Speech of Annual Day Function Essay On behalf of Umah’s Day Care, I heartily welcome all of you for this Annual Day Celebration! I could see a unique and talented mix of students and the parents who made this happen, have come to us from every corner of the city.

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Welcome speech for school annual day
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